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Gold Roofing has historically struggled with metal fabricating companies through out the years prior to our relationship with Flatiron Steel. They all seem to lack the necessity of timeliness, quality and detail and have proven to disregard the fundamental of business “Customer Service”.

Flatiron Steel has provided us with the ability to become more profitable by simply doing what they say they will do, completing our requests on our agreed dates and providing competitive pricing while providing excellent customer service. Gold Roofing has ordered over 200 metal roofing systems from Flatiron Steel and every system has been exactly to our specifications. This means there is no down time on site waiting for missing materials or confusion about the installation process, which to us means profits.

My experience with Flatiron Steel is that they will not disappoint. They care about the products they create, my company as their customer and my customers who reflect directly on me for the companies I work with.

I highly recommend the services provided by Flatiron Steel. They are not just a metal shop, they are professionals in all respects to the metal industry and customer service.