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Snap Lock

Snap Lock Standing Seam Panels

Snap Lock is a type of standing seam metal roof panel that has a male and female leg that snap together. Clips are used to attach the panel to the roof deck. They fasten underneath the panel and out of view to keep the clean look of a standing seam roof.

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Product Information

Installation Guide 

Trim Profile

* Colors represented on our website may not exactly match actual material. All colors should be verified using actual material samples. Mismatch of electronic color representations and actual material shall not be accepted as a cause for rejection. Metal samples are available upon request. 

Panel Color Options

24 Gauge *Stock Colors
Galvalume (Flatiron Steel)
Frosty White (Flatiron Steel)
Spanish Stone (Flatiron Steel)
Sahara Tan (Flatiron Steel)
Military Bronze (Flatiron Steel)
Bison Brown (Flatiron Steel)
Smokehouse Bronze (Flatiron Steel)
Rebel Black (Flatiron Steel)
Stealth Gray (Flatiron Steel)
Granite Gray (Flatiron Steel)
Pine Green (Flatiron Steel)
Barn Red (Flatiron Steel)
Northern Rust (Flatiron Steel)
22 Gauge (Special Order Extra Lead Time)
Almond (CMG)
Bone White (CMG)
Charcoal Gray (CMG)
Dark Bronze (CMG)
Hartford Green (CMG)
Mansard Brown (CMG)
Matte Black (CMG)
Medium Bronze (CMG)
Sandstone (CMG)
Slate Gray (CMG)
24 Gauge (Sheffield and CMG Special Order Extra Lead Time)
Aged Copper (CMG)
Almond (CMG)
Ash Gray (Sheffield)
Bone White (CMG)
Bright White (CMG)
Burnished Slate (CMG)
Burgundy (CMG)
Champagne Metallic (Sheffield)
Charcoal Gray (CMG)
Cityscape (CMG)
Classic Green (CMG)
Colonial Red (Sheffield)
Copper Penny (CMG and Sheffiled)
Dark Bronze (CMG)
Deep Black (CMG)
Hemlock Green (Sheffield and CMG)
Mansard Brown (CMG)
Matte Black (CMG)
Medium Bronze (CMG)
Musket Gray (CMG)
Patina Green (Sheffield)
Pre-Weathered Galvalume (Sheffield)
Regal Red (Sheffield and CMG)
Royal Blue (CMG)
Sandstone (CMG)
Sierra Tan (Sheffield Metals)
Silver Metallic (Sheffield Metals)
Slate Blue (Sheffield and CMG)
Slate Gray (CMG)
Solar White (Sheffield)
Stone White (Sheffield and CMG)
Surrey Beige (Sheffield)
Teal (CMG)
Terra Cotta (Sheffield and CMG)
Vintage (Sheffield and CMG)
Western Rust (CMG)
24 Gauge (Drexel Metals Special Order Extra Lead Time)
Stone White (Drexel Metals)
Bone White (Drexel Metals)
Regal White (Drexel Metals)
Sandstone (Drexel Metals)
Almond (Drexel Metals)
Sierra Tan (Drexel Metals)
Buckskin (Drexel Metals)
Medium Bronze (Drexel Metals)
Dark Bronze (Drexel Metals)
Antique Bronze (Drexel Metals)
Midnight Bronze (Drexel Metals)
Aged Bronze (Drexel Metals)
Mansard Brown (Drexel Metals)
Black (Drexel Metals)
Cityscape (Drexel Metals)
Slate Gray (Drexel Metals)
Granite (Drexel Metals)
Musket Gray (Drexel Metals)
Charcoal (Drexel Metals)
Iron Ore (Drexel Metals)
Hemlock Green (Drexel Metals)
Patina Green (Drexel Metals)
Forest Green (Drexel Metals)
Hartford Green (Drexel Metals)
Burgundy (Drexel Metals)
Colonial Red (Drexel Metals)
Terra Cotta (Drexel Metals)
Cardinal Red (Drexel Metals)
Teal (Drexel Metals)
Military Blue (Drexel Metals)
Pacific Blue (Drexel Metals)
Interstate Blue (Drexel Metals)
Award Blue (Drexel Metals)
Silver (Drexel Metals)
Zinc (Drexel Metals)
Weathered Zinc (Drexel Metals)
Champagne (Drexel Metals)
Copper Penny (Drexel Metals)
Aged Copper (Drexel Metals)
Drexlume (Drexel Metals)
26 Gauge
Almond (CMG)
Ash Gray (Sheffield)
Bone White (CMG)
Burnished Slate (CMG)
Charcoal Gray (CMG)
Classic Green (CMG)
Colonial Red (Sheffield)
Copper Penny (CMG and Sheffiled)
Dark Bronze (CMG)
Mansard Brown (CMG)
Matte Black (CMG)
Medium Bronze (CMG)
Musket Gray (CMG)
Pebble Clay (CMG)
Sierra Tan (Sheffield Metals)
Slate Blue (Sheffield and CMG)
Slate Gray (CMG)
Terra Cotta (Sheffield and CMG)

Available widths

1.5” Snap Lock: 15.8“
19.8” * Special Order

1.75” Snap Lock: 13.8”
17.8” * Special Order

**Panel design pressures, wind uplifts, and test reports are for specic deck attachments, material gauges, clip spacing, and panel widths**

Available Gauges

24 Stock
26, 22 * Special Order
*Certain colors may be subject to an order minimum and longer lead time. Please contact your Flatiron Steel representative to learn more.


1.5” Snap Lock:
1.00lbs/SqFt (24)
.75lbs/SqFt (26)

1.75” Snap Lock :
1.25lbs/SqFt (22)
1.00lbs/SqFt (24)
.75lbs/SqFt (26)


AZ-50, Grade D, 50,000ksi

Available Materials

Painted, Galvalume, Cold Roll, 16 & 20 oz Copper

Paint Systems

Valspar - Fluropon® Durapon70™ PVDF, ULTRA CLAD™ Kynar500®/Hylar5000®


Durapon70™ PVDF – 35 year
ULTRA-CLAD™ - 35 year
Galvalume® AZ50 – 25 year

Production Options

Either factory made to length with protective lm to ensure damage free transport or rolled to length on site*

**On site production is subject to order minimums**

Panel Options

Flat Panel, Striations, or Pencil Ribs

Testing For 1.75” Snap

UL 580 Wind Uplift (Class 90)
UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact
UL 790 Class A Fire Rating
*ASTM E1680
*ASTM E1646
*ASTM E283
*ASTM E331
*ASTM E330/E330M
*ASTM E1592

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the builder
to ensure that they are compliant with current
building codes.

1.5” Snap Lock

Installation: Can be installed on solid wood decking

Minimum Slope: 3:12

1.75” Snap Lock

Installation: Can be installed over open frame steel purlins, steel decking, steel decking with polyiso board, or solid wood decking

Minimum Slope: 1:12 on solid wood decking only (hot melt required below 3:12 on all other surfaces)